Lab Challenge: Tech internship draft:

This proposal has been accepted. An internship program will begin in the Spring Semester of 2006. This internship is the precursor to establishing the BBA Student Help Desk.

The goal of the IT Internship Program is to provide students hands on experience in hardware, software and network management skills. I.S. Students routinely assist the BBA IT Department with projects, service requests, help desk, and are available for individual or departmental tutorial based appointments.

BBA Technical Support Department:
Mr. Dennis Deweerdt, IT Coordinator
Mr. Rick Armitage, Network Administrator
Mr. Jeffery Falace, Network Technician

Internship guidelines:

Students will communicate with the Research Lab instructor and the IT Office to arrange appointments

Students will document internship time and projects in their Research Lab journal.

All work must be incorporated into their project syllabus.

Along with assisting in infrastructure support initiatives, the IT Department has diverse experience in other areas of technology including:

  • Web Publishing
  • Software Support Specialties (MS Office 9X, 200x, XP)
  • Server Security
  • Software and Hardware Training
  • Operating Systems (Win 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP. MacOS X, various forms Linux and Unix).
  • Scripting
* Technology Project Management
  • Hardware Repair (A+, Dell, Network +)
  • Hardware construction
* Microsoft Windows Server Administration (MCSA/E or related study tracks)
  • Apple Server Administration
  • Computer imaging technologies
* Wireless technologies
  • Open source software
  • Firewall and router setup and management
  • File and printer sharing on large and small networks

Students can request time to explore these topics and others by appointment. Reminder that given the nature of technology support, all appointments are subject to availability.

Student Guidelines:

As part of the internship program, student interns may be issued advanced priviliges on the BBA network. It is important for students to note that these priviliges should not be abused in any way. Misuse of these priviliges will result in dismissal from the Intership program.