RLab B Block Assignments:


Assignments submitted without following proper procedure or with the wrong email subject syntax will be graded as zero. See the document ‘Directions for using email to send in assignments in all classes’ document in the root of the shared folder for details.

Assignments are posted in chronological order with the newest assignment at the top.

The grading system for this class is cumulative, meaning all points through the semester are added together.

Spelling error challenge: Find errors and receive two extra points for the day.

May the force be with you.


Assignment 3: What has 'the news' become ?
Essay Due Friday February 15, 2008.

In an essay, comment on the following:

Dan Rottenberg interviewed Walter Cronkite back in 1994:


1. What are your thoughts on this article ?

Give this a read: 'You Don't Understand Our Audience" posted at the root of the shared folder or available online (registration is required for the online version):

Registration is required to view online, but it's free !

2. What are your thoughts on this article ?

3. Watch one broadcast on the 'evening news' on a major network and describe what you saw.

4. What is your feeling on how the news is reported ?

5. The movie called 'Good Night and Good Luck' is about an old school style of journalism. We'll watch the movie in class and then describe your thoughts on it in this essay.
6. Murrow felt journalism had an obligation to lead critical thought. What are your thoughts on whether it is the 'job,' so to speak of news / journalism to lead or to follow popular culture ?

7. If you could essentially redo network news, what would you do ?

Obviously, the focus is on developing a more critical eye on journalism and our perception of what is 'the news' in todays highly communicative world. One or two word answers will be frowned upon...

May The Force be with you, AP


Assignment 2: OpenCourseWare Exploratory Evaluation
Due Date: Friday February 1st, 2008
Points: 100

Lab veterans do not need to repeat this assignment.

Grading criteria:

-5 points for every spelling mistake.

Submit via email to me with proper subject heading (see the root of the shared folder for details - ask questions if you are unsure). No attachments ! All assignments received with an improper subject heading or as an attachment will have 50 points deducted.

250 words or more must be in your essay. Hint: use the word count feature in Word. 250 words must be in your writing and can not include copying or rephrasing the questions below.

Review the document in the RLab folder called OpenCourseware.html

This document has links that will be helpful in introducing the concept of OpenCourseWare.

Address the following questions in your Essay:

1. What was your first reaction to OpenCourseWare ?
2. Impact on the world ? Will this / could this change education ?
3. Pick a subject and investigate the materials presented. List the subject and course name and present your thoughts on how this material is presented.
4. Now, what's your opinion on OpenCourseWare ?
5. Do you think you'd use this resource for your own studies or as a jumping point to get some ideas on a subject that you may be interested in ?

Hint: Read some case studies on the OpenCourseWare web site...

Assignment 1: PBS Frontline Video: Informal Essay
Date due: Friday January 25th (end of class).
Points: 100
Work must be submitted via email, cut and paste flush left. No attachments. Subject line must say: B
(Btw, it's not case sensitive)

So... you're it. The first generation to 'grow up on the web.'

After we watch this vid, give this a look:


'Informal Essay' explained: I'm less concerned with essay format, grammar, spelling etc but interested in your opinions. If you get to ranting... so be it. Short answers are generally frowned upon. It's a good chance to let loose on the subject.

A few questions to include in your writing:

1. Are your parents and / or guardians included in your 'online life?' Give some rationale for this answer if you can as in for / against.

2. Do you view socialization on the Internet differently than what would be considered 'in person?' What are your thoughts on voicing your opinions online to strangers and / or friends vs in person ?

3. Pick at least two examples from the video and tell me what you think about them (one that caught your eye, made sense, that you could relate to, or made you upset).

4. Do you feel you are 'too connected?'

5. In the case of 'Evan Skinner' sharing the video online from Madison Square Garden, what are your thoughts on both perspectives of the Mother and the Son ? How could this be handled differently ?

6. What are your thoughts on voicing your opinions online to strangers and / or friends vs in person ?

7. What are your thoughts on how 'education' has embraced or shunned these changes ?

8. What do you think of this video ?

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