Lab Challenge: Evening Course Development:

If BBA were to offer evening courses to adults, the courses could be led and /or assisted by qualified students.

Assuming qualified students would:
a. Lead classes, individually or in teams.
b. Research class content: Survey needs for class, prepare materials, prepare course material and exercises to fill advertised time slots.
c. Be compensated for their time
d. To host classes, Burr and Burton would be compensated for use of labs / facilties.
e. Others ?

Listing potential topics:

Digital design: Working with digital art tools, photos, media. online resources.

Office Suites: Microsoft Office, Open Office, Star Office: basic operations, features, file management methods. How to use / free online resources.

Using new technologies to enhance quality of life: Digital banking (review), desktop aggregators (subscribing to web pages / news sites to deliver content to you).

Basic Hardware/ Basic Networking - Jamie and Matt

Basic Animation -

Basic PC Operation: Fundementals to keep things running. Using the operating system -

Advanced Hardware/ Advanced Networking -


OpenSource Software:

Have each course include a 512 mb keychain as part of course fee.
$9.99 per 512mb stick and $17.99 per 1gb stick.

- The-Banisher_ The-Banisher_ Dec 19, 2006

Comments / notes ?