Lab Challenge: Blog and Wiki Professional Development Training for Adults at BBA

Students: Samantha W. Troy J.

Delivered a presentation at in-service on Oct. 18th and assisted in RLab training sessions:
October 18th, 2006: 31
November 8th, 2006: 43

Outline of presentation:

Why put info on the web ?

- Assignments
- Reference docs: vocab lists, worksheets
- Ideas / Inspiration: Run across a great article, news story, etc.
- Introduce students to a different media: web based, links to videos, other articles
- Communicate with students and parents

Old model:
- Static Web Pages
- Editing was complex
- Had to understand html (web page code)
- Using tools like: Macromedia DreamWeaver or Microsoft FrontPage: Not everyone had them - especially at home. Technology and knowledge required made it cumbersome to update pages.
- Basically, designing pages was difficult for people who are not proficient at it. Took extra time. Unreachable model. Left people frustrated.

Changes for the better: New Technology. for Convenient publishing (wicked good) !

II. Blogs: (Web Log) Simple web publishing.
- Set it up, start publishing. VERY easy to setup.
- Updating via e-mail (send or web client: Makes it easy.
- Ability to allow people to post comments. Can be turned on and off
- Access the page to control settings, templates, etc. Easy interface. Big buttons like 'Publish' and 'Save'

- Burr and Burton Daily Announcements: Sue and Tammy email announcements to the web page and the blog posts them.
- Bill Muench's blog spot
- Easy way to post updates for a class.

How many people would post a web site if it was easy to edit ? One click to edit. Type changes. Hit 'save.'

III. Wiki's: Another method of web publishing.

What is a WIKI ?

- Highly dynamic. View the page, push the edit button, write changes, hit save. Done !
- Cut and paste from exisiting documents.
- Modes: Do not allow others to edit (static), choose your editors, or allow everyone to edit.

- BBA Tech Committee:
- Demo 'history' tab
- Power of community editing projects.

Neil Freeburn: Demo Music Dept. WIKI.

IV: Hosting: Host in-house or use a commercial service - which just happens to be free ?
- Free has it's advantages ! More money to improve the school lunch program, laptops, or the second campus !
- Companies like Google can produce more technologies and integrations than we can in-house.
- Incredible support via the help menu !
- Streamlined directions on how to get started.
- Two sites chosen: and

Web site for educators that explains the technology:

Step-by-step directions will be provided to setup blogs and WIKIs:

Create a blog:
Click on the large orange arrow that says "Create Your Blog Now"

Create a WIKI:
Note: This site offers a no-advertising !

V: After the meeting, the computer labs down stairs will be open to help people setup blogs and Wikis.

Not interested or even curious about a blog or WIKI ? Interested in using conventional methods to publish ? Dave Miceli will be offering some help down stairs as well.

Open Question Session in the Library