Project Grading: Preparing your Docs for Peer Review

Our old grading system! Worth keeping up here I think. Nice to know where we've been.

Now that you've tossed your work in the project archive (you did that right?), you'll need to post links below to your documents so peers can view your work on presentation day.

1. Use the 'Publish' option in Google Docs to make your journal, syllabus and presentation live. Use the 'Help' menu for steps on how to publish or ask.

2. Copy those links and paste them below. Here's how:

Click the 'Edit This Page' button above, copy the section below listed under 'Example.' Paste it in below the example section then enter your information. Hit Save when you're done.

All project links on this page will be removed after all the class presentations are over for the semester / year.

You'll want to stop publishing these three documents in google docs when all your grading is finished.

Grading Form:
View the project you're grading using the links below. When you're done, here's the link to the grading form for all class members and for self-evaluation.

Example: Copy this text, paste below and fill in your information.
Your Name:
Class Block: