There is quite a difference between fine dining and fueling up. Below is a list of our favorite places to get some very good food when you are out and about:

Format: List restaurant/cafe: Location: explain your experience and what you ate : post your initials.

Sirloin Saloon: Seasonal (summer)
Try the salad bar when they serve Miskell's Organic tomatoes sauteed in dressing Italian dressing with chopped onion. Put the tomatoes on some mixed greens, toss on molasses bread croutons, and cover with parmesian peppercorn dressing. AP

Good Times Cafe: Hinesburg, VT
Pizza: Cristo's Carnivorous Creation. Thin Crust. Fantastic ingredients, cooked the right way.
Recommend trying the Sicilian (thick crust) with tomatoes, pepperoni and mushrooms as well. Unbelievable flavor. AP

Ben and Jerry's: Seasonal (Winter)
Hot Chocolate. Whole milk, Ben and Jerry's hot fudge, real whipped cream. I'm drooling just thinking of it. AP

Union River Lobster Pot: Ellsworth Maine
Unbelievable food with very reasonable prices.
Baked stuffed mushrooms, tropical chicken and open faced blueberry pie.

Ramunto's: Rutland and Woodstock, VT
Excellent Pizza, Excellent Prices
Meat Lover's Pizza Recommended

Depot 62: Manchester, VT
Furniture Store/ Restaurant
8-10$ Personal Pizza

Sal's Italian Restaurant: Wallingford, VT
Excellent food with decent prices
Pizza is Great