Communication Review at BBA:

Lobby Kiosks / scrolling announcements:

Outdated. Only effective in airports. Abandoned at tourism offices, ski areas, high schools, colleges under the premise that it takes is too costly to reach too few people.

As of 2/6/08 an average hits on the Daily Announcements blog are as follows: 1124 hits on weekdays, an average of 140 hits on Saturday and 22 hits on Sunday. Updates have been made that allow people to subscribe to have the full announcements delivered to them via email or by text message. See the right hand column on the blog for details.

We mentioned word of mouth as a great way to spread messages: Over 90% of students have screens with them. Cell phones can be sent text messages via email.


Push updates via email to cell phones etc:

Ask students for their cell phone number, carrier. Create a database (spreadsheet) for last name, first name cell phone number.

Create email distribution lists by group. Example: Theater, snowboarding, softball etc.

Create one master distribution list for school emergencies, weather closings etc.

Allows the school to contact students individually.

Mange the lists centrally or let each person manage it from one central list ?

Should a text message list be created for parents too ?

Updates for specific groups, general weather cancellations, school emergencies.

Interesting opportunity to get adults at the school involved in school cell phone contracts, supplemental or otherwise: