Tech Innovations from 1990-1995:

What were the innovations in the world from 1990-1995 ? Think technology is moving fast ?

Post your innovations below:
platform crisis meltdown.NA:in the 90s apples's mac platform faced a meltdown as its Mac System Software aged.
Microsoft found problems of its own in building both a Mac like environment for the DOS PC, and in delivering Windows as an entirely new operating system.
Nintendo 64 ye ha JK

Keith Richards goes to rehab, again.: AP

In 1990 mr. Norton sold his software to Symantec. Norton security sweet was born!

introduced in October 1991, the Apple Powerbook series pioneered changes that are now de facto standards on laptops, such as the placement of the keyboard, room for palm rest, and the inclusion of a built-in pointing device (a trackball)-found by Campbell Halligan

The Late Show with David Letterman premieres on CBS. RHC

Playstation! TDW

Windows 3.0 introduced by microsoft: KP

Hungarian Military Mapping: MC


Mario. BM

The fast news Rover Maestro was introduced to the roads in the 1990's. RE

In 1993, Microsoft delivered the first version of Windows NT. XD

In 1990, a rocket launched in Japan. SC

In 1990 Joseph E. Murray and E. Donnall Thomas won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or medicine "for their discoveries concerning organ and cell transplantation in the treatment of human disease". -CS

1990-1995- Nick Park creates the Absent minded inventor and his faithful four legged friend, Wallace and Gromit! The clay animated duo star in their first three short films. At less than an hour apiece, Wallace and Gromit visit the moon, halt a dog food conspiracy, and defeat a diamond stealing penguin. -DM

April 1991- Namco releases the Pac-Man video game for the Game Boy in the US. Already a social phenomenon, Pacman helps the game boy become a landmark in techological history. -AP

1991- World-Wide Web (WWW) released by CERN. Found by Mike Koch

April 1994- Kurt Cobain kills himself. -AE

November 24, 1991, Freddie Mercury dies of bronchial pneumonia resulting from AIDS. -CTB

1993: Russel Alan House and Jospeh Hooton Taylor Jr. won a nobel prize in Physics for the discovery of a new type of a pulsar which allowed an increase in gravitational studies. JL

1990 NXTstation is releseaed to the public.-CJO

HP OMNIBOOK 300, 1993 Jonathan Razinger
It had an inivative design, more battery and mouse.

1993 February
Mark Van Haren, Ryan McIntyre, Ben Lutch, Joe Kraus, Graham Spencer, and Martin Reinfried sat in a taqueria in Redwood City, CA, on the evening of February 28, and the idea came to them - create a software tool to manage the vast amount of information available on the Internet. This was the origin of Excite, one of the largest search engines.
Sean Putnam

April 18, 1994- Super metroid is released in North America for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. -LA

1995- The first Wiki is created. Jared Lennox

December 1995: DVD movie player and DVD-ROM computer applications created. -NS

Mega Man "Mega X"- CK

Kevin and Kell, one of the oldest continuously-running webcomics by syndicated cartoonist Bill Holbrook began on September 3, 1995. The comic is based on the marriage of the rabbit Kevin to the wolf Kell. -EB

April 30, 1993 The World Wide Web was Born at CERN-AS
- Hypertext documents accessed from the internet such as images and videos
-- -Created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee from England and Robert Caillian from Belgium working together at CERN.
-- - It is free to all who can access the internet
- -Christmas 1990, Berners taught tools necessary for the first web server and web pages.
- -Two months after the WWW was born, Gopher the pre-existing internet user made their costumer’s pay, so the world wide web skyrocketed .
- -Turning point for the internet was when Mosaic web ( a graphic designer). The graphics would help design web pages and make the internet a more fascinating place to search for information. The WWW became more popular because of the graphic designs.
- -In the beginning the internet was not used for sound, videos, conversations, but with the growth of the technical world there was no way that they wouldn’t incorporate it at some time. Now we have a surmountable amount of videos, music and ways to communicate on the internet.
- - Http is a protocol that lets to request what you are looking for.
- -The WWW makes things way more simpler than mixing around with both the server and browser and their data format. It’s all put together on the WWW.

1990'TECH Sony's XAV-W1 Does SACD,5.1 Surround and DVD On a 7-Inch Screen

external image green.jpg
Java an Internet language many of us couldn't imagine our world without is a Farly new protocol just as
the Internet is.Recently celebrating the birth of this great language the original members are still
working together on touch screen technologies and of coarse improving java. Java was announced in a press conference on
may 23rd 1995.Speculations and rumors were rising as to whether this project was to be green lighted, to the amazement of the people
this was real and would vastly become a portal threw the Internet and become incorporated in the Netscape navigation bar which at
the time was one of the main omnipotent powers of the way people accessed the Internet. John Gage the leader of java was the director of Netscape as well as sunworld (java project) so it was a very easy move for him to be able to incorporate java into a browser that
would launch it to sucess.The orginal members who created java along with John Gage were known as the green team. Members include: Joe Palrang, Mike Sheridan, Ed Frank, Don Jackson, Faye Baxter, Patrick Naughton, Chris Warth, James Gosling,
Bob Weisblatt, David Lavallee, and Jon Payne. Cindy Long, Chuck Clanton, Sheueling Chang, and Craig Forrest. At the current
time java is a well utilized program used for weather labs , postal service , schools , banking , health care and many many other
real life situations.